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چیف جسٹس سندھ ہائیکورٹ کے بیٹے کی بازیابی, وزیراعظم نے پاک فوج کیلئے زبردست پیغام جاری کر دیا

18 جولائ‬‮ 2016

کراچی /راولپنڈی (مانیٹرنگ ڈیسک )سیکورٹی فورسز نے کامیاب آپریشن کے بعد چیف جسٹس سندھ ہائی کورٹ سجاد علی شاہ کے مغوی بیٹے اویس شاہ کو ٹانک سے بازیاب کروا لیا،بیرسٹراویس شاہ کو بازیابی کے بعد کراچی میں واقع ان کی رہائش گاہ پر پہنچا دیا گیا، اس موقع پر ڈائریکٹر جنرل (ڈی جی) رینجرز میجر جنرل بلال اکبر بھی ان کے ہمراہ تھے،اس موقع پر اویس شاہ کے گھر اور سندھ ہائی کورٹ کے باہر منوں مٹھائیاں تقسیم کی گئیں، انٹیلی جنس بیسڈ آپریشن میں سیکورٹی فورسز کی کاروائی میں تین دہشتگرد مارے گئے ،صدرمملکت ممنون


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Bichar Kar Tujh Se Zinda Hun Meri Taqdeer

26 ‬‮نومبر‬‮ 2015

Bichar Kar Tujh Se Zinda Hun Meri Taqdeer To Dekh
Kabhi Aa Kar Mere Halaat ki Tasveer To Dekh
Mujhe Mehfil Main Dekha To Kaha Us ne Raqeebon Se
Mera Aashiq, Mera Pagal, Mera Dilgeer To Dekh
Teri Tasveer k Peechy Hain Jaalay Be-Wafai K
Ulat Kar Tu Zara Apni Kabhi Tasveer To Dekho
De Kar Pyar Ki Daulat Khareedy Khoon k Aansoo
Mili Jo Ishq Main Hum Ko Zara Jageer To Dekho
Likha Hai Naam Mera Sharaarat Hai Raqeebon Ki
Ye Khatt Mera Nahi Jaana Zara Tehreer To


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‘The Wolverine’ review: a samurai redemption story

29 اکتوبر‬‮ 2013

Hugh Jackman’s take on Wolverine has always been one of the most enjoyable elements of the X-Men film series, but recent movies have failed to match the quality of the actor’s own efforts. Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand was a dumber, shallower adventure than Bryan Singer’s first two entries, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine drowned the character in a pedantic story and a barrage of bad visual effects. Now, with Wolverine’s headlining efforts in need of a reboot, comes James Mangold’s The Wolverine. The difference in approach is apparent straight from the title itself. A streamlined, introspective take on the emotional

Florrie – Shot You Down

25 اکتوبر‬‮ 2013

For all the think pieces, for all the open letters from pop-music doyennes, for all the twerk-induced pearl-clutching she’s inspired, the latest, brazen incarnation of Miley Cyrus isn’t all that different from her G-rated predecessor. In days of yore—or 2006, which is basically antiquity in zeitgeist terms—the cherished spawn of Billy Ray Cyrus found fame as a plucky character named Hannah Montana, whose popularity had more than a little to do with her built-in frisson of autobiography. Like Miley herself, Hannah was a regular girl by day, pop singer by night.

Christy Turlington is stunning as ever in Calvin Klein Underwear’s ads for Fall 2013

30 اکتوبر‬‮ 2013

What is it about supermodels and their inability to age? From Kate Moss’s new campaign for St. Tropez to Naomi Campbell’s recent stroll down the catwalk at Versace, the classic beauties look almost the same as when they stepped into the modeling

سائنس اور ٹیکنالوجی

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The most infamous World Series

30 اکتوبر‬‮ 2013

Would such a brazen act be even remotely possible today? For baseball fans everywhere who will be watching Game 4 of the 2013 World Series, scheduled to be played Sunday night in St. Louis, the first instinct is probably: There is no way any team could come close to getting away with it. The 1919 Chicago White Sox -- forever known in American lore as the Black Sox thought, for a while, that they had pulled it off. At the behest of gamblers, a group of the team's stars purposely lost the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. Their deed has become

Xbox One dashboard shown in most feature-complete video yet

31 اکتوبر‬‮ 2013

Microsoft has shown off parts of its Xbox One dashboard previously, but the company has now started to demonstrate it fully with just under a month until the console is released. In a new video briefly posted to the official Xbox One site, Microsoft demonstrated apps, games, and TV switching from the very start of powering up the console to switching it off — all with the voice-enabled Kinect camera. We’ve seen dashboard demo leaks, but this latest official video details the login experience and navigation around the dashboard to launch various apps and games using Kinect.

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